week of March 08, 2014

Qatar gears up for bumper harvest of truffles

Abed Ayyad

Like many countries across the globe, Qatar has been the scene of unusual weather patterns over the past three years. In a typical year, rainfall in Qatar totals a paltry 74mm (about 5% of annual rainfall for a typical year in England, for example) but 2013 and 2014 are bucking the trend. Qataris were particularly thrilled about one expected rainfall predicted for Friday March 14: many expected that a rainy day late in March would herald a bumper crop of the desert truffles known as faga and which are a prized delicacy throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In the end, there were only minor showers in parts of Qatar; this would suggest that there will be no major decrease in the price of the local truffles, which can sell for as much as 900 Qatari Riyals per kilogram. 

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Photo: Mohammed Ameen/Reuters