Yasmine Bendjoudi
Qatar Brazil: A Journey from the Amazon to the Desert

In March 2014, Qatari photographers, Aref Hussain and Abdullah Al Tamimi, were sent on a two-week excursion through Brazil, tasked with capturing the essence of its colourful landscapes for an upcoming exhibition in Doha. The pair’s trip required months of planning, and took them across four Brazilian states to photograph the country’s vast forests and cities. In a joint venture under the Year of Culture Initiative by the Qatar Museums Authority, The Ministry of Culture and Qatar Photographic Society, a selection of 50 images taken by the Qatari photographers and 50 images of Doha taken by Brazilian photographers are to be displayed at an exhibition at Katara Cultural Village in June. Below, we preview some of the images from the trip, which Aref Hussain tells us are a window to “Brazil through Qatari eyes".

Aref captures the mountainous regions of Belo Horizonte at sunset.

A worker rests on the pavement at a fish and vegetable market in Balem in the early hours of the morning. Food is brought from Amazonian villages and sold off here to local merchants.

A little boy poses with his football in a Balem village.

A young mother holds her infant outside her home in Balem.

Tides sweep over rocks near a lighthouse in Salvador.

Belo Horizante is famous for its Romeo and Juliet cheese, which contains guava and is popular with locals.

A giant clown is pushed through the colourful street carnival in Ouro Preto. The Brazilian Carnival takes place in all major cities across the country and features various costume competitions.

A young boy from Ouro Preto poses as Zorro during the Brazilian Carnival.

A man plays the acoustic guitar on the world-famous mosaic tile stairway, Selaron’s Stairs, in Rio de Janeiro.

Colourful dancing partners side by side near the cultural centre at Balem port.

Pretty in pink – a local shop worker in a traditional dress poses on the sidewalk in Salvador, where there is a deep rooted African influence.

The exhibition, titled Qatar Brazil: A Journey from the Amazon to the Desert, runs from June 5 to June 30 2014 at Katara Building 18 in Doha’s Katara Cultural Village.